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Locksmith Westerville OH

We are a family owned and operated locksmith company serving Westerville, Ohio and the surrounding area! We have 10 years of extensive experience in auto locksmith services, commercial and residential locksmith service. No job is too small! If you are locked out or have a lost key near Westerville, Ohio, we are the emergency locksmith service for you! We are also able to make duplicate keys and transponder keys if needed. Is your car key lost or not working, our expert car key locksmith can help. My ambition is to provide reliable and honest service to the people in my community when helping them with their security needs.

We are open 24 hours for emergencies. Call Today (614) 599-9476!

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Residential Locksmith Westerville

There are few things as frustrating as realizing you have locked yourself out of your home. If you have children, animals, or were in the middle of cooking, then this inconvenience can quickly turn into an emergency. Westerville Locksmith Company is here to help, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, with our home lockout solutions in Westerville, OH.

There is nothing convenient about being locked out of your home, especially when it happens at an inopportune time. Our emergency locksmith is ready to respond to you as soon as possible when you reach out to us. This helps you get back into your home with as little delay as possible. Contact our locksmith to learn more about our emergency lock replacement, repair, or rekeying services.

Increasing the security of your property is easy when you work with the professionals at Westerville Locksmith. Our talented team of residential and commercial locksmiths performs a series of services for both home and business owners throughout the area, including lock repairs, new installations, and lock replacement in Westerville, OH. Contact us today to make sure you have the right locks for your property.

Commercial Locksmith Westerville

Take complete control over your property with the help of the team at Arrow Locksmith Co. We are ready to build master key systems in Westerville, OH, for many different applications. Through our quick and efficient work, you can increase security throughout your commercial space with ease. Schedule a consultation with us to learn all about our key system, lock repair, and lock replacement services.

Convenient Key Solutions

With a master key system, there is one central key that is capable of opening several doors throughout your home or business. Typically in this type of system, there are sub-master keys and restricted keys as well. This allows for convenient key solutions as one key will allow specialized access for each individual that comes into your business or home.

Not every occupant needs unlimited access to your building. Some areas are off-limits for a reason. For commercial businesses, this could be employees of varying security levels or, at home, it could be young children or a live-in relative. No matter the reason, our locksmith is ready to create the right system for your specific needs. Just let our team know what you are looking for, and we’ll begin creating the different components necessary to rekey your property.

Automotive Locksmith Westerville

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locksmith westerville

Need automotive locksmith services in Westerville, Ohio? Have you locked your car keys inside your car and have a need for the car keys replacement? Westerville Locksmith ensured you will get professional and efficient services. 

Advanced Locksmith Techniques

Our technicians are skilled in an array of effecting lock opening techniques. They have perfected the Slim Jim where the slipping tool is meticulously inserted between the weatherstrip. Locksmiths employ finesse only acquired through extensive training and expertise to ensure no disruption to the car’s locking system.

Our prowess goes beyond this widely known approach. Having undergone exhaustive training both in-house and with manufacturers, technicians at Locksmith honed the use of a wedge. We have stocked different sizes and shapes of wedges to make sure your car is opened in the shortest period possible. They are also trained on more recent methods such as the use of Japanese tools. Locksmiths are therefore able to take care of all your Japanese car key replacement needs.

Emergency Locksmith Westerville

The only method to secure your business and house from burglars and intruders is to take precautionary measures. You’ve invested years of resources and hard work in the company and shouldn’t let criminals take advantage of some gaps in your security system.

Locksmith Westerville is a name you can rely on when it comes to providing emergency locksmith services to residents and homeowners. We’ve helped customers resolve a lot of emergency locksmith situations. This includes car, residential, and commercial lockout, break-ins and security breach cases. It’s our main objective to offer effective and fast services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to residents of Westerville, Ohio and neighboring areas. We can arrive at your residential or business location in no time if you give us a call (614) 599-9476.

Car Key Replacement Westerville

Lost your key? Need a replacement or a copy? Are your locks acting up or not working? At Westerville Locksmith we stock over 2500 types of keys and locks, chances are we have one for you. We stock automotive keys and remotes, either traditional, transponder or electronic. We have a full line of commercial keys. Motorcycle and scooter keys are not a problem. And, we stock a complete line of residential keys, both foreign and domestic, cabinet keys, antique keys, padlock and high security keys. We have in inventory replacement car locks, house locks, commercial locks, door closers, cabinet locks, a full line of padlocks, hasps, key rings and key accessories.


As a family owned and operated business, we understand that you may not always have the time to wait for help to arrive, and allowing an uncertified individual handle your locks may do more harm than good. We earn your complete trust through our 24/7 availability, fast and efficient responses, and a fully certified and knowledgeable team. We are dedicated to offering the latest techniques in residential, commercial, automotive and emergency lock repair, rekeying, and replacement. Furthermore, we offer superior yet affordable lock and key solutions, lockboxes, safes and much more for the optimal safety and security of your property.

Why risk the headache of a lockout or the devastation of a break-in when you can work with a premiere locksmith from Westerville, OH, on eliminating all current and/or potential problems at once? We welcome you to contact us at Locksmith Westerville today! Simply call (614) 599-9476 or complete our online contact form, and we will be happy to provide you with a quote or immediate service, depending on your distinct needs. Be sure to check on our locksmith reviews to see what we’ve done and how we’ve helped people.